Cleencups, The World's 1st Anti-Bacterial Coated Disposable Cups

         Welcome to Cleencups…..The World’s 1st Anti-Bacterial Disposable Drinking Cups!

Cleencups has developed a clean, safe and earth-friendly way to enjoy your favorite beverages (hot or cold). By designing our special cups and specialty anti-bacterial coated products; we hope to cut down on the risk of many common and uncommon germs, bacterias, viruses, and pathogens.

Our paper cups are far from ordinary; their outer surface is treated with a layer of Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Coating that can kill 99.9999% of germs, viruses, diseases, negative bacterias, staph, MERSA and/or HIV; that may be on your hands just seconds after use. Cleencups is definitely a useful product for people suffering from Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Diabetes or Low Immune Systems.

This Anti-Bacterial Coating is 100% Non-Toxic, non-flammable and contains No Alcohol; it’s odorless/tasteless and hypo-allergenic. Our Patent-Pending Technology cups can aid in reducing sick days for you at work and for your children at school; Teachers and Moms are our best customers.

The methods that we use to treat our cups and the actual Anti-Bacterial Coating is completely safe, as mentioned before. Only the designated outer-layer (color green) of the cup is treated, there is a 1inch to 1 1/4 inches of an "Untreated" lip band area that circles the cups. The “Lip Band Area” is our manufactured suggested area for drinking from. If anyone were to put their open mouth beyond lip area point, this is still not a problem since the Anti-Bacterial Coating is 100% non-toxic.

The coated cups are pressure sensitive, the anti-bacterial coating is activated only once the cups are held or experience agitation; then a dry transfer will take place. In addition, there is no fear of the product seeping into the cups and into your beverage because only the outer layer is treated and treated with the recommended amount of the coating.

The treated layer stays put and the cups have a protective layer on the inside to keep whatever is on the outside out and the inside contents stay in. It has been proven that a large amount of people don’t wash their hands after restroom usage, after coughing or touching their faces; just think about the germs that can be transferred because of this.

Cleencups can aid in your protection when you eat at your desk, drink at the water cooler, or out in the park for a picnic. Here is a list of places where Cleencups can be beneficial:






Sporting and Concert venues

Any in-door and out-door Events and activities areas

This includes any areas that are stricken with devastation or natural disasters, and military units. This product can go everywhere, it's benefits are unlimited. In an ideal world everyone should use soap and water to clean their hands, but when you can’t and it’s time to eat or drink, “Cleencups is up to the job!"

           Cleencups is a permanent solution for a temporary problem!

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                                                          Located: Chicago, IL. 60601

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