ABOUT CLEENCUPS COMPANY

Cleencups is the first and only in the development of Anti-Bacterial cups, packaging and other similar products. We have been in operation since 2006 and have made tremendous strides in the fields of Anti-Bacterial Food Safe Coatings. We work with some of the best Chemist in U.S. to assure our products are safe and that quality is assured.

Cleencups is a Female-Owned Corporation and has secured past licensing deals with media moguls like Discovery Channel Television, as well as receiving national recognition for the unique intellectual properties involved with the creation of our Anti-Bacterial Coating on our products.

Cleencups products are used and enjoyed in private homes, schools and various work places; we hope to continue expanding to chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target and popular grocery stores everywhere. Request for Cleencups to be supplied in Coffee Shops, Take-Out Restaurants and Professional Sporting Arenas are coming to our attention.  We look forward to providing our products to all that want and need them.

Soon we will be offering a diverse group of products to compliment our cups, in efforts to supply an all-around protection opportunity for our consumers and their families.

           Cleencups is a permanent solution for a temporary problem!

                                               CLEENCUPS COMPANY                                                                                                                  Email:
                                                          Located: Humble, Texas  77347

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