HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS IN HAITI

Cleencups has been a supporter of the emergency efforts in Haiti, especially in the efforts to provide fresh, safe water to be paired with Cleencups products. Cleencups wants to assist in fighting the germs and diseases that have devastated the region after the earthquake. Not only was the drinking water contaminated but the living conditions were too, even if there was safe water to drink, the eating and drinking conditions were not, due to lack of sanitization.

In the time since the earthquake, Cleencups has been working with other Humanitarian Groups to provide and ship Cleencups to Haiti in emergency kits. These efforts go on even  today; while we try to associate with current activists, that we hope are willing to ship Cleencups products to Haiti.

We extend this offer to any area in the world that has a need for our products. If there is ever a need for Cleencups abroad or at home (after a disastrous natural or man-made event) we would like the opportunity to help save as many lives as we cup at a time.

           Cleencups is a permanent solution for a temporary problem!

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